How One Dinner Led To One Encounter That Changed One Heart

"It's the only place I've ever been where the entire hour and a half was devoted to prayer." 


It was a Friday night like most Friday nights: Arrive at the Six Mile Campus at 5:30PM. Help with set up. Pick table out in advance. Pray. Enjoy a meal with, oftentimes, complete strangers in hopes of sharing the Gospel with them.

Business as usual.

Meet Jeanne. 

Jeanne attends our Friday Night Dinner most weeks at our Six Mile Campus, where we host a free meal that meets a physical need and gets our church community around a table with those who have a far deeper spiritual need - the Gospel. 

"I started coming for the fellowship, but the relationships have led to many opportunities to share the Gospel!"

But it wasn't always this way. You see, Jeanne lives in Temple Terrace and, on Wednesday Nights, she typically takes her great-grandchildren to Awana on our 56th Street Campus. 

That's where she was introduced to House of Prayer. 

"I was dropping them off one evening and a lady at the registration desk asked me if I might want to attend House of Prayer. I was hesitant. I'd been to prayer services before and found they were mostly teaching with a short time of prayer at the very end...but House of Prayer was different. It's the only place I've ever been where the entire hour and a half was devoted to prayer."

As our conversation unfolded, Jeanne revealed that her desire to serve and invest in the Six Mile Friday Night Dinner grew and grew as she continued to join House of Prayer on Wednesday nights. God was changing her heart and creating a deep desire to see the community reached, so she went from occassinally attending to choosing to now give up most Friday evenings, drive accross town, and sit with strangers in hopes of building relationships and sharing the Gospel with them. 

One dinner at Six Mile planted the seed that led to one encounter at House of Prayer which resulted in one genuine heart change in Jeanne that has led to her growing in her passion to serve and see Six Mile reached. 

And we believe it's only by prayer that God can create these desires within His people - praise God for how He's changing hearts accross both of our campuses!



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