#OurStories - First Steps Preschool Ministry

Every week at FBC Temple Terrace, God moves all around our campus, from the Preschoolers in First Steps, to the High Schoolers of 330, to the Adult Community Groups, and beyond! We recognize that everyone can't be everywhere, but we still wanted to share the stories of the different wins across our campus - so we created #OurStories. Week to week, we'll share stories right here about what God is doing through the ministry of our church. We hope it's both edifying and encouraging to you!

#OurStories - First Steps, Preschool Ministry

"It's not daycare - it's Bible training for Preschoolers!" - First Steps Volunteer

Nothing truer was ever said. You might expect to walk into a preschool hall at a church and find a group of volunteers simply trying to keep children quiet, contained, and entertained until their parents show up to retrieve their children - but this is simply not the case at FBC Temple Terrace.

While the Preschoolers are engaged and entertained on their level, each classroom is intentional about sharing the Gospel and the truths of Jesus in a direct and comprehendable way! In fact, every week our First Steps Preschoolers are being introduced to “God’s Unfolding Story.” One of First Step's favorite tools to use is a cube that includes six elements of the Gospel Story. As the little ones interact with this cube each week in their classes, they are reminded that God created everything, the People Disobeyed God, God chose a special people, God sent Jesus to help us, Jesus began the church, and Jesus is preparing a place in Heaven for us! Even our youngest are recognizing what God has done for us through the Gospel Story!

In fact, we just recently introduced the Cube to our Walkers class. We were curious as to how they would recieve it - would they play with it as though it was just another toy, or would they enjoy not only the cube but the truth of the Gospel it clearly and comprehendably communicated? 

It was an abseloute joy to watch as one of our Walkers, Carter, enjoyed pointing to the pictures and identifying what God created and the Cross! We were so excited to be reminded that our little ones are never too young to hear the truth of God’s word! This is just one example of how God is moving in our ministry, and we'd ask that you would continue to pray for our First Steps ministry - that we would continue to see children grow in their knowledge of the truth of Jesus and the Gospel!




Note: If you're interested in getting in on what God's doing in First Steps, you can contact Renee Blain at 813.988.1138 or Renee@fbctt.org and get in on what God is doing! 


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