Parent / Child Dedication

Our Parent / Child Dedication service is a time for parents to publicly commit to God in front of their church family to raise their child(ren) to know Jesus Christ, and to pray for wisdom and guidance during this new period of their lives. The service is not an infant baptism but is based on the presentation of Samuel by Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:28, along with the presentation of Jesus by Joseph and Mary in Luke 2:22.

Parent / Child Dedication services are performed twice a year in May and November. Additionally, Mission Hill Church believes this milestone is so important that we require parents who want to participate in Parent/Child Dedication to attend a Dedication Class prior to participating in the celebration. These classes are held on the Sunday before the Parent/Child Dedication day. Childcare is provided for these classes. If you have any questions, or would like to participate in the next service, please contact Erin McCallum at or call the Church Office at (813) 988-1138.