Volunteer Audio Visual

The A/V ministry is an important part of our Worship Services. We want to enhance everyone's worship experience, not be a distraction. Here are some areas that we need volunteers:

COMPUTER/SLIDES: When you are running the slides on the computer, you are in charge of making sure the words are at the correct part of the song and the videos play at the right times (which will all be provided and programmed for you). Expectations: Be at practice on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm // Be at practice on Sunday mornings at 7:45 am // and sit for both the 9:00 am and the 10:45 am services.

LIGHTS/CAMERA: This position requires you to run the lights (when to cue different "scenes", which will be provided and programmed for you), and record the services on our camera. Expectations: Be set and ready to go at 8:30 am on Sunday mornings // and sit for both the 9:00 am and the 10:45 am services.

SOUND BOARD: This position will require further training that we will have to schedule outside of our Leadership Training day coming up on Saturday, August 18th. Training in this position will also allow you the opportunities to help us run sound for other outside events either in the Worship Center or the FLC.